In Combats, once again we find the familiar figures of costumed, masked, expressionless characters, geometric decors, drawing saturated with straight lines and half tones, first published in Travaux Publics (Public Works), the author's previous book. Here, the clash of the illustrated panels that was brewing in the previous volume, the clash between the text and the image, between the narration and the visuals is now exposed and all hell breaks loose. Anything is good enough for Yokoyama: swords, plates, knives, faucets, canons, potted plants, rockets or books are used in the fights whose purpose or origin is difficult to grasp. These fights, which in turn, are either a riot, an ambush, an urban scuffle, a commando attack, a street gang war, or a simple brawl, seem, just like the comic strips that conveys them, to come from nowhere.

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Yûichi Yokoyama
Imagème series
128 pages
black and white printing

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the Japanese direction
15 x 21 cm
ISBN: 2-9520842-2-X
August 2004
12 euros