The Imagème series publishes books of comic strips or those resembling them, the style of each one aiming to highlight the clarity of the line, a demand for minimalism, and, binding the whole, the primacy of form over substance —of presentation over representation.
Published in a roundabout way, the drawings from the Imagème series aim to constitute an original corpus of “text-in-images”.

1.— To publish drawings and theory together, such is the project for this collection.
2.— Together, but without fusion or confusion of either one: no unified, pacified or harmonised works, where registers espouse and express one another, nor diverse or eclectic works without principles, where everything is mixed up together.
3.— “One divides into Two”, or: it is correct to be divided —or again, in this case: in a book one must and therefore one can take sides.
4.— A book: two cover pages, two entries, two possible directions for reading.
5.— A matter of inventing a form, which places drawings at the beginning, to be read in the occidental way, with the theory at the end, to be read in the oriental way, against convention. The two works are hurled together, becoming joined —clashing, jostling together— at the place where they end.
6.— Through this arrangement, the place of juncture is not that of a connivance, but a point of tension, and of separation: two works together, placed back to back, clearly separated, and on this condition acting in common.
7.— It’s a matter of montage, of art and of thought without compromise