Travaux Publics (Public Works) is a collection of four mangas —all entitled Public Works and numbered in their order of appearance— which depict colossal works at the scale of a landscape. This scale sometimes blends into the dimensions of the page. We know nothing of the builders, and the commissioners even less: Yokoyama shows us only the sheer mass of rocks, the void of outstretched plains and skies, the clash of building material, and construction work. Here, the story telling is pushed aside to return to the core material of the comic strip: drawing and its function —the design of forms. Yokoyama’s drawing as well as his characters, their (absence of) motivations, and their deeds —all of these are alien to the codes and customs of Japanese comic strips. This is why his works are often described as neo‑manga.

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Travaux publics
(Public works)
Yûichi Yokoyama
Imagème series
96 pages
black and white printing

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on iPad

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the Japanese direction
15 x 21 cm
ISBN: 978-2-916383-06-4
March 2010
13 euros