In Yûichi Yokoyama’s Travel, the storyline is as linear as it is sharp: it is the long, silent and crystalline description of a train ride undertaken by three men. The subject Yokoyama depicts here is less the train’s trajectory (the distances covered, the regions travelled through) than the travel that takes place within the train itself. As soon as the train departs, the characters set out to walk through the string of cars and are confronted with the vehicle’s architecture, its machine-like environment. But above all, they are confronted with the gaze, the stares and the physical presence of other passengers: in a train one observes others, one passes by, one looks at others pass by, one impinges upon and disturbs one another, and sometimes meet. This is why this travel experience is above all, mostly conveyed through the representation of faces and interiors, with maybe at the end of the ride, at the very end, only at its furthest point, a promised encounter with landscape.

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15 x 21 cm
ISBN : 2-9520842-4-6
August 2005
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Yûichi Yokoyama
Imagème series
200 pages
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