A gridiron plan city, early morning. America, North. Wake-up alarm, commute. People’s daily lives, the street, the gray square pattern background of offices opening for business. Suddenly, tearing past the crowd, a man makes off. Police. Pursuit. This man though is possibly the most insignificant character in town: a sandwich man. That's just it. The sign he's carrying, and that he won't let go of, makes him precisely most remarkable.
“New”: that’s what he’s publicizing. Novelty. Nothing less.
Undoubtedly, many things could be said about New WANTED: “ligne claire”, minimalism, geometry, formal inventions, narrative denied... But the truth is that this is boogie-woogie intruding into Mondrian's art, Alfred Hitchcock imagining James Stewart running directly into a set designed by Saul Bass.

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Laurent Cilluffo
Imagème series
88 pages
black and white printing

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on iPad

15 x 21 cm
ISBN : 978-2-916383-02-6
March 2008
13 euros