The protagonists of this manga make the best of an opening in a wall to explore the garden beyond. This story line –which recalls many action films, whodunits, and detective stories– is developed by Yûichi Yokoyama into a never-told tale. The garden in question is a deserted decor, inhabited only by mechanical contraptions, knocks, thumps, clanking, creaking and rattling noises. It's a vast realm of automated and artificial landscapes. And the clandestine visitors
become a crowd of secret sharers who wish only to see, to discover, to
endlessly explore it.
This new book by Yokoyama is a modern adventure of a kind which is not told anymore: an adventure of forms: abstract as a story by Raymond Roussel, exhilarating as a landing on Mars, and as beautiful as a highway intersection.
An adventure of vision (as the decisive role of photography makes evident) to be recommended to all those who have eyes in place of a heart.

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reading in
the Japanese direction
15 x 21 cm
ISBN: 978-2-916383-03-3
May 2009
22 euros
(The Garden)
Yûichi Yokoyama
Imagème series
328 pages
black and white printing

now available
on iPad